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2018 show dates & times

Saturday August 11,  Time TBA
Sunday August 12, Time TBA

The Go Dog Go! All Stars Trick Dogs have been practicing and dogs and handlers are excited to be taking part in the Logger’s Festival again this year.  The Go Dog Go! All Stars Trick Dog Team was formed to demonstrate what is possible with any dog using only positive training techniques.  No matter what their breed or age, our dogs do wild stunts and are always eager to learn more. Anyway, enough about that.  Boy, do we have an exciting, interactive  show planned for 2016!  Here is what audiences can expect: Ingrid and her dog Skye:  Skye the Entlebucher Mountain dog will be starting our show with an  array of exciting arial acrobatics and jumps, as well as Barrel waling and skateboarding Marlene and Vessa:  Vessa the Black Labrador Retriever and her human, Marlene are dancing queens who both love to strut their stuff together on the dance floor and will be presenting a carefully choreographed freestyle dance routine. Sherry and Nip And Tuck:  Nip and Tuck the Basset Hounds perform an array of comedic stunts, but they are simply amazing to watch as they soar through hoops, achieving incredible heights. These two are a show stopping and dynamic duo, who really love to play off the audiences energy. Lynne and Earl:   Earl the German Shorthaired Pointer and Lynne perform a comedy sketch, and they both do a little yoga, to warm up.  Then Lynne will sing an uplifting song while Earl accompanies on his very own piano and Ukelele.  Earl will also demonstrate his mad skills at riding a skateboard, barrel walking and amazing hoop jumping.  Earl loves it when audiences cheer him on and the more they encourage him, the higher he jumps. Lastly, Earl will challenge the other team members to a fire truck race, to be run in three heats.  What’s a fire truck race you ask?  Each racer walks on their hind legs pushing a Little Tykes Ride on style fire truck as fast as they can because the winner gets a special prize.  It’s very exciting, action packed, and ridiculously zany. In addition, we will have a supply of free tattoos for  attending children and we will be accepting donations to help support Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society’s new building project.

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