Sponsorships Information


In order to present the Campbell River Salmon  Festival we must rely on Grants and Sponsorships to make it a reality.  Below is our 2018 Partnership opportunity and if you would like to be a part of our 51st annual Festival please e-mail us at salmonfest@connected.bc.ca


On August 10, 11 & 12 the we will be presenting our annual Salmon Festival (SalmonFest)  and we are seeking financial and / or goods and services support for the event, which will consists of Logger Sports (our Heritage Sport), Highland Gathering (new for 2018), free Children’s Activities, Salmon Barbeque, Entertainment, Booths, Demonstrations, plus food and beverages. With the addition of the Highland Gathering our theme will be Bagpipes and Buzz Saws (Highland Gathering and Logger Sports our major events)

Highland Gathering:  Salmon Festival is always looking for new event for the annual Festival, so when we were approached to bring back the Highland Gathering or Games that once happened in Campbell River.  This seemed like a good fit since it was a popular spectator event and we know it can be accommodated in Nunns Creek Park as it was once held there.

Plans are now well underway for our 1st annual Highland Gathering, which will feature Pipe Band Competitions, Solo Piping and Drumming, Highland Dancing and Highland Heavy Games (tossing the caber, throwing the hammer, putting the stone, etc.)

 Logging Sports:  From the early days of hand logging, bulls, and steam machinery, to the present use of helicopters, loggers got together to demonstrate their skills in friendly competitions, know as Logger Sports, which became a part of the North Island communities.  Soon they were are not just competitions amongst loggers, but they provide the opportunity to depict the heritage of Campbell River by incorporating entertaining events that show both past and present logging practices.  Events like axe throwing, tree climbing, spring board chops, log rolling, hand bucking and high speed power saw cutting never cease to amaze the crowds at these competitions.  Presently our Logging Sports is one of the top 5 in North America. attracts competitors from other countries and is aired on national and international TV networks on a regular basis

For 2018 we will host 3 World and 8 Canadian Championships along with 44 other events for Youth, Teens, Men’s Novices, Intermediate & open and Ladies Novice and Open event with a prize package of $41,875.00.  This will allow Salmon Festival to maintain its “in the top 5 North American standing” and attract local, national and international competitors plus major television coverage.

Another important event is the Children’s Activities and Community support continues to ensured that “all children and teens attending are treated equal.  Since 2001 we have been able to buy out the rides, climbing wall, face painting, etc. and make them FREE to everyone 18 and under.  .

In keeping with our name, Salmon Festival, we will have a Salmon Barbeque where Festival goers can enjoy delicious salmon meals.  This project also helps a local non-profit group as we donate all the profits to them for their help in manning the event.

Along with the above there will be entertainment by local musicians, booths by local groups to show who they are and what they do for our Community (Community Corner), sponsor displays and booths (Trade Show), craft booths and a variety of food and drink.

Salmon Festival hopes you will part of the Festival and for your support we offer recognition packages as shown in the enclosed “Sponsor Recognition” sheet.  If you qualify, please ensure we have your logo as soon as possible for media recognition and your sign/banner for grounds display by August 4, 2018.

If you require additional information regarding any aspect of the Festival, please contact us at Salmonfest@connected.bc.ca