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In order to present the Campbell River Salmon  Festival we must rely on Grants and Sponsorships to make it a reality.  Below is our 2017 Sponsorship Proposal.
If you would like to be a part of our 50th anniversary Festival and the Canadian / United States Logging Sports Challenge please e-mail us at salmonfest@connected.bc.ca



On August 11, 12 & 13 the Salmon Festival will be presenting our 50th annual SalmonFest we are seeking support for our major Community Festival which consists of Logger Sports (our Heritage Sport), free Children’s Activities., Salmon Barbeque, Entertainment, Demonstrations, Booths plus food and beverages.

Logging Sports: From the early days of hand logging, bulls, and steam machinery, to the present use of helicopters, loggers got together to demonstrate their skills in friendly competitions, know as Logger Sports, which became a part of the North Island communities. Soon they were are not just competitions amongst loggers, but they provide the opportunity to depict the heritage of the North Island by incorporating entertaining events that show both past and present logging practices. Events like axe throwing, tree climbing, spring board chops, log rolling, hand bucking and high speed power saw cutting never cease to amaze the crowds at these competitions. Presently our Logging Sports is rated one of the largest in Canada and #4 in North America.

For 2017, our family orientated World Class Competition, will consist of 3 World Championship, 7 Canadian Championships, plus 35 other Youth, Teen, Novice, Ladies, Intermediate, and Open events with a prize package of $45,625.00. Our Sunday show will also include a Canada verses United States Challenge to determine which country has the best Logging Sports competitors and will receive television coverage on local and national networks.

Salmon Barbeque: In keeping with our name, Salmon Festival, we will have a Salmon Barbeque where Festival goers can enjoy a delicious salmon lunch or supper and there will be booths and displays with a marine theme.

Children’s Activities: A very important event at our Festival is the Children’s activities and we feel our free 18 and under policy is unique. In the past, when children had to pay for a ride, face paint, etc. those from affluent families could enjoy the activities more than those from less fortunate families. To rectify this, Salmon Festival in 2001, decided to pay the operators a fee to provide the activities free to all children. This was an overwhelmingly success by both the children and parents as the children had unlimited access to the activities and parents, in their words, “we are not toonied to death”. Although this policy is good for the families, the Salmon Festival must rely on sponsorships and grants to pay for these free activities.

Along with these major events there is Outdoor Stage entertainment by local musicians, Go Dog Go Demonstrations (show and canine education),Community Booths (local organizations) to show who they are and what they do in our community, Sponsor Trade Show Booths, Crafts Booths, Food booths and a Beverage Garden

Salmon Festival hopes you will be able to assist us with an overall sponsorship or for a specific event and for your support we offer recognition as per our “Sponsor Recognition” sheet. (see pages 3 & 4 below)

Thank you for taking time to read our presentation and we look forward to welcoming you aboard as a sponsor of SalmonFest 2017. If you require additional information regarding any aspect of the Festival, please contact us via phone or e-mail (salmonfest@connected.bc.ca)

Yours truly,

Philip Hicks – President
Doug Folkins – Vice President
Katherine Pelkey – Secretary
Jim Lilburn – Treasurer and Sponsorships – cell 1-250-218-6811