Highland Gathering



Theme: Bagpipes & Buzz Saws
(Highland Gathering & Logger Sports)

Plans are underway to present the 3rd annual Highland Gathering at the Annual Salmon Festival, which will run in conjunction with the “World Class Logger Sports”.  This event will feature  Pipe Band and Celtic Band Competitions, Solo Piping and Drumming, Highland Heavy Events, Highland Dancing, plus a number of booths selling or displaying Scottish items.  For the Heavy games we
will be featuring the Canadian Scottish Athletic Federation’s Canadian Amateur Championships

To become a sponsor, rent a booth, volunteer or to find more information  click on Campbell River Highland Gathering  or e-mail salmonfest@connected.bc.ca

 Please share with your friends, organization and associates!  

Highland Gathering Sponsors

B.C. Provincial Community Gaming, City of Campbell River,
Brian Shaw – Mackie Research, Pacific Cachalot,
Campbell River Golf & Country Club,
Capital Power Corporation, Chinook Forest Products
Primal Athletics

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