Who We Are



Campbell River Salmon Festival is a Registered Provincial Society and a Federal Charity whose constitutional mandates are:
• To hold Civic Celebrations, Community Celebrations and annual Salmon Festival for the citizens of Campbell River and surrounding area.
• To encourage healthy Community Living by providing a public multi-purpose facility (Nunns Creek Park) for benefit of the public.
To meet these constitutional requirements, the Salmon Festival, over the last 49 years, has provided or joint ventured with other Community Organizations, Governments, businesses and a host of volunteers to provide the following past and present community celebrations and projects:

Past Celebrations & Projects:
• Canada Day Celebrations featuring fireworks, entertainment, a giant birthday cake, children’s and senior’s events and a Youth Talent Search.
• SalmonFest Celebrations featuring logger sports, mining sports competitions, outdoor stage entertainment, dances, parade, children’s and senior’s events, arts & crafts, home show, community corner, food fair and miscellaneous competitions.
• Raft Race down the Campbell River
• New Year’s Eve Celebration providing a non alcoholic party for the whole family with skating, swimming, entertainment and games for all ages.
• Developing Nunns Creek Park through a License of Occupation with the City and joint ventures with other community groups.
• Construction of the Totem Pavilion (Long House) on the Foreshore Park.
• Acquisition of authentic native artifacts, which are on display at the Campbell River Museum.
• Twice hosted the RCMP Musical Ride and Canadian Snow birds and once hosted the Lipizzan Stallions.
Present Celebrations & Projects:
• Canada Day Celebration Joint venture featuring fireworks, youth fishing derby, children’s festival, skateboard competition, senior’s events, entertainment, parade, crafts show and food booths. It is Vancouver Island’s Canada Day Destination.
• SalmonFest, on the 2nd weekend in August, features a world class Logging Sports (presently the largest logging Sports in Canada and 4th largest in North America), a Salmon Barbeque, Free Children’s activities, Entertainment and various community, food and trade show booths. It is one of the major Festivals for the Campbell River area.

Besides presenting events and celebrations, the Salmon Festival Society assists other community organizations by providing expertise, manpower or equipment at no cost for their celebrations or functions. The savings to these groups means more funds for their worthwhile causes, which in turn benefited people in the community. It is also a savings for businesses as the groups do not have to seek sponsorships to rent the items. Last year we assisted 50 organizations.


 groups we assisted


The Nunns Creek Park development is a joint venture between the City of Campbell River, Salmon Festival, C.R. Minor Baseball, Men’s Baseball, C.R. Dog Fanciers, Skateboard Society, businesses and corporations, Community Groups and volunteers to provide an active quality park for the citizens and guests of Campbell River. The Campbell River Salmon Festival headed this coalition as it was a Federal Charity, has a License of Occupation with the City of Campbell River for thre Park and had a director who was experienced with this type of project.
The rehabilitation project include elimination of the drainage problems, rebuilding existing ball fields, construction of new ball fields, lights for the major field, construction of a skateboard park, development of loggers sports grounds, development of nature trails, creek rehabilitation and general beautification. Present project is providing bleachers for the Logger Sports Grounds. In 2009 the Festival added 2 new bleachers and in 2010 the City of Campbell River donated 16 used bleachers. Salmon Festival is refurbishing the used units with the help of donated materials from community businesses. Future plans are to provide additional bleachers for the Logging Sports Area.

Presently the City is conducting a Park Master Plan which will determine the future capital projects for the Salmon Festival area.  Repairs of existing equipment will continue as required.

These improvements, including value of donated goods and services, have exceeded the million dollar mark with $800,000.00 in the form of donated goods and services from community business and groups.